Mustang-MR Structural Sieving Server

This server uses the structural alignment program MUSTANG to structurally align multiple protein structures. The server will also remove residues from the alignment that are below a threshold root mean square deviation (RMSD), producing "sieved" models. These are of practical use in characterizing conformational change (eg conserved core residues) and in producing multiple alternative search models for X-ray crystal structure determination using Molecular Replacement.

1. Job submission
To submit a job you can either:
 - upload PDB files,
 - upload a zip archive of PDB files or
 - retrieve a structure from the Protein Data Bank (updated monthly).
  • Choose the PDB and/or ZIP files to be uploaded and processed (*.pdb or *.zip files only, 15Mb per file)

    Please keep file names less than 20 characters long.

  • and/or retrieve files from the Protein Data Bank
  • Type the four letter PDB code

    PDB ID:
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