Four new papers published:

Swedberg JE, Nigon LV, Reid JC, de Veer SJ, Walpole CM, Stephens CR, Walsh TP, Takayama TK, Hooper JD, Clements JA, Buckle AM & Harris, JM.  (2009) Substrate-guided design of a potent and selective kallikrein-related peptidase inhibitor for kallikrein 4.  Chemistry & Biology, 16, 633-43. PubMed Link

Fischer K,Langendorf  CG, Irving  JA, Reynolds S, Willis C, Beckham S, Law RHP, Yang S, Bashtannyk-Puhalovich TA, McGowan S, Whisstock JC, PikeRN, KempDJ, and Buckle AM  (2009) Structural Mechanisms of Inactivation in Scabies Mite Serine Protease Paralogues. J. Mol. Biol. 390(4):635-45. PubMed Link

Fenalti G and Buckle AM (2010) Structural Biology of the GAD Autoantigen. Autoimmunity Reviews 9(3):148-52. Epub 2009 May 22. PubMed Link

Arafat Y, Fenalti G, Whisstock JC, Mackay IR, Garcia de la Banda M, Rowley MJ and Buckle AM (2009) Structural Determinants of GAD Antigenicity. Molecular Immunology, 47(2-3):493-505. PubMed Link

TARDIS article on P212121

The crystallography blog P212121 have posted an article on TARDIS  entitled “TARDIS for the Storage of X-ray Diffraction Images“.

This comes as a follow-up to their recent poll “Do we need an X-ray Diffraction Image Data Bank?“.

The poll is still open, but currently 81% of P212121 readers are voting for that the crystallography community does need an open, freely available diffraction image data bank.

Be sure to head over to P212121 and have your say.

Orchard is planted!

The Orchard is planted!

While most of the world was still recovering from the Easter break, we were in bright & early on the Wednesday after Easter to begin setting up the Orchard cluster.

The Orchard cluster is now racked, stacked & cabled… next stage power & networking! Be sure to check out the Orchard page for the full details.

Monash University Press release can be found here